This is something that will likely upset some of my Christian friends. I say it with grace, and hopefully in a way that could bring some clarity to a divisive topic in our culture. Our nation was founded upon the idea that we were endowed by a Creator—that certain rights to liberty and self determination are granted to us by our Creator and not humans or Government. The Constitution was written and based upon, in part, the Ten Commandments. They debated vigorously and at length about a blueprint to build a nation. But they all agreed that this blueprint can’t be based in man’s wisdom. It had to be wisdom from above, from a Creator who is perfect. The didn’t say God, or Jesus, or Christ. They left each individual to come to their own conclusion who the Creator is, or is not. America is not a Christian nation as some profess, nor is America an atheistic free-for-all do-whatever-you like nation without rules of law to reign in man’s fallen nature. It is on this point where I think our nation is so divided, for several reasons: Some well-meaning Christians put the Founders on a pedestal of righteousness they don’t deserve – and promote America as a Christian nation. A land mass is not Christian. Only individuals can possess the Spirit of Christ. And none of the Founders, as far as I know, expressed a personal faith and relationship in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Most were Masons. Their obvious intent was not to have a theocracy with government-pronounced religion. I think Christians should profess our faith, be followers of Christ, and work to influence our culture and governments to be righteous and virtuous, and keep pressure politicians to uphold their oath of office. But our main work is to make disciples of Christ through individual relationships and to develop churches where the Bible is taught and followed. Next is what is known as the Social Justice movement of progressives and liberals. Many profess Christianity and many don’t. They make a similar mistake. They have developed a special code of ethics known only to them. It can can change and expand at will. Justice is random and based on race or economic status. One group deserves reparations but another does not. Some in this movement profess Jesus Christ, yet either do not know the Gospel, or simply deny it’s power and authority. They use Jesus Christ as a weapon of mass shame and condemnation in order to manipulate guilt money from those who didn’t do anything unjust. It is simply a crime to be alive and have ancestors.