Netflix keeps asking me to return but I will not. This is what I replied: The reason I stopped Netflix is that you’ve gone way too left in your political ideology.  I don’t enjoy watching homosexuals and lesbians having sex, nor heterosexual sex on screen. I don’t like that you promote transgenderism, feminism, racism, and open borders. The vile language has gone way past the place of every so often to being a constant stream of vileness. None of this is necessary in making good movies or shows. It’s become apparent Netflix has an agenda of shaping a culture of anti-God, anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-White, and pro sexism, pro sexual deviancy, pro racism, and nihilism. I won’t come back, and I will try to convince my friends to stop paying for Netflix and Hollywood barrage, insult and ridicule us by their radical left, pro Satan agenda. =====

Hollywood should tell good stories like good film-making used to be

I want freedom and free speech for all, but I’m over the overt on-screen sexuality, disgusting language, promotion of every kind of deviant behavior as normal, pro Satan, pro occult, pro every spiritual idea, but showing Christians as ignorant, stupid, racist, backward, losers. The extreme effort made to force this onto us and our children in nearly every movie and TV show only shows a very real agenda. Hollywood should tell good stories and leave something to the imagination, like good film-making used to be, and stop purposely bypassing our minds and parental rights, but they won’t.

Designated Survivor Should Not Survive Season 3

Netflix took over the show from TBS after season 2. Netflix then worked its black magic on it and turned it into the typical Hollywood leftist agenda show. They ruined a good idea. As usual. I had to fast forward through bedroom scenes of male sex (unnecessary), and transgenders decrying how they feel put-off when using a men’s or women’s restroom (really?). And the obvious pandering to minorities to invoke racism was over-the-top – Blacks, Black homosexuals, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Guatemalans, and I probably missed others. Oh…and add in the obligatory open borders and the racism card for illegal immigrants. I can watch the MSM anytime and see this. Not original. Not entertaining. Misguided. Just another 10-episode leftist commercial. Excellent film-making is becoming more available from independent film-makers. I can’t be too soon.  As for me, my fight is for God’s kingdom, God’s design, God’s order, and the hearts and minds of people — not Satan’s kingdom and agendas to kill, steal and destroy all goodness and love.