~ to break or decompose into constituent elements, parts, or small particles; to destroy the unity or integrity of ~

That is how the dictionary defines disintegrated. To be “integrated” signifies unity, or oneness. As a Christian it means being in unity or oneness with God. We talk a lot about unity. We talk about grace and getting along with one another. But, often underneath our talking is a misbelief, and at worst a lie. To be sure, the idea of unity and oneness is there — we enjoy the “idea” and the warm fuzzy we get from the idea, but sometimes what we believe and think is “They (or he or she) should do this or that and then we would have unity”.

This began at the fall of Adam and Eve. Once they chose “self” (is God really good?) instead of faith (trusting God), they became disintegrated — no longer one with God (first) and no longer one with each other (second). We suffer the same disintegration when we choose self, which is really fear, instead of trusting God, which is faith. “We” is not the point. “I” is where the problem is. Fear and pride stop us from choosing God’s instructions and God’s principles. At the core, we really don’t believe that God is good and trustworthy. In the final analysis our actions, not our words, demonstrate whether we believe God and trust Him.

Integrity, in the truest sense, is the formation of Jesus Christ in “me” through the Holy Spirit — being transformed by the renewing of “my” mind. Being disintegrated is to be in the “flesh” — believing and making choices out of fear. Unity in the Body of Christ, in a marriage, or any other relationship begins with “I”, not  “we”.  Our churches and families are disintegrating not because we are victims but because we are choosing to believe satan’s lies instead of choosing to believe (trust) God — faith versus fear. It’s as old as the garden.

The good news!

Through Jesus Christ our Savoir we can be integrated if we choose.

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 2 Peter 1:3

Stop believing satan’s lies, the worldly point of view, that unity is someone else’s issue. It is a personal issue that involves faith (trusting God) and love. It’s a consequence of continual personal choices to believe God and His character, and behave like we believe. Jesus is our model. Follow His example of sacrificial love and faith. Peace, joy, and abundant life is available to all who believe and receive God’s love. Believe the Gospel!