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The MFH Symbol Guide

Ponder point = Ponder/Wrestle/Seek.

Brain interference = Don't let your brain get in the way.

Open the eyes of your heart = See with your spiritual eyes.

Jesus' love = Jesus' love, compassion.

Jesus' shocking  truth = Shocking! Did God/Jesus or the author really mean/say that?

Be of good cheer = Be of good cheer. It's okay.

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Do you carry a Spiritually Transmitted Deception?

Spiritually Transmitted Deceptions are lies or misbeliefs that hide your true identity in Christ; they are your ‘false self’, the flesh, and may go unnoticed. Even though you are saved by God's grace you may be a ‘carrier’ and spreading Spiritually Transmitted Deceptions to others. Some of the signs that you may be a carrier are:

  • You "should" everybody.
  • You demand perfection of yourself and others.
  • You want grace, but you won't forgive others - from the heart.
  • You're in denial about your sin and your desparateness for a Savior - you leave a wake of hurt behind you for others to deal with.
  • You believe a political party or some world system, if simply implemeted correctly, could bring about peace in the world. Matt 10:34-38
  • You get angry with the pastor and talk about it with others that he doesn't "preach the hard stuff."
  • When "the hard stuff" is preached, you're thinking about someone who needs to hear it.
  • You could possibly lay your life down for Christ - but to be humiliated is too much to ask - no one should be a doormat.
  • You believe that homosexuals who have contracted AIDs are "getting what they deserve" - God is less tolerant of their sin and weaknesses than yours.
  • You believe it's your duty as a Christian to make others "get it" - to make them see the scripture the way you see it.
  • You believe that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are our God-given rights.
  • You believe the purpose of marriage is to make each other happy.
  • You're focused on getting what you "deserve" in this life.
  • You like to see others get what they "deserve".
  • You don't really realize what you "deserve".