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Help and Advice for Life and Relationships

Blogs to encourage and offer hope for those looking for help and advice for life and relationships.

BiC's Blog is now providing articles to encourage those who aren't Christian and hopefully provide wisdom and help for life issues.

There are many people who are hurting, or feel hopeless, despondent, fearful, lonely, angry, rejected, manipulated, or many other uncomfortable experiences. Maybe life is just fine for you, but you want to continue to grow and mature. My goal is to point out and help you apply principles that can help and encourage you if you will apply them.

Principles for Life

I believe there are principles in life. Principles do not change and they are not discriminatory; when we live by them there are good consequences, and when we violate them there are often bad consequences. Simply choosing not to believe in the principle of gravity, for example, will not prevent you from falling out of a tree and landing on the ground if you lose your footing!

I am not a counselor or a doctor, nor do I have any "professional" license to practice in these fields. I'm simply a man who has been down rough roads and has learned to apply principles to my life. In my humble opinion, good and healthy principles come from God, but if you choose not to accept this it doesn't change the principles. I hope that someday soon you will choose to give your life to Christ, but regardless, I hope these articles will encourage you and help you grow.

There may be times when original blog articles are revised or edited, so don't be surprised if you discover that a comment you read a while back has been updated.

You may click on a blog topic in the scrolling window on the left or go to the MAIN BLOG PAGE. All blog articles for this section have an asterisk * at the end of the title.

Blogs to encourage and offer hope for those looking for help and advice for life and relationships.