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The MFH Symbol Guide

Ponder point = Ponder/Wrestle/Seek.

Brain interference = Don't let your brain get in the way.

Open the eyes of your heart = See with your spiritual eyes.

Jesus' love = Jesus' love, compassion.

Jesus' shocking  truth = Shocking! Did God/Jesus or the author really mean/say that?

Be of good cheer = Be of good cheer. It's okay.

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The Made for Heaven Christian Living Website

Made For Heaven is a new Christian living website and Christian blog of articles, insights and views about victorious Christian living in a fallen world. Made for Heaven is in it's infancy and will grow over time, God willing of course!

My name is ‘BiC’ (Brother in Christ), your host on the Made For Heaven website and your comrade on this journey Jesus called “the narrow road”. We lose our way and often we're as far off the path as anyone. Saved yes, but we lose our way in our own blindness and pride. We often completely miss the point of Jesus' words and example, and God's plan for His Kingdom on Earth in this present age. is simply a place to read, ponder, question, and comment about the Christian living experience and, hopefully, take it personally. Take it to the cross, that is. My prayer is that the eyes of our hearts would be opened more and more to God's love for us, and that we would willingly submit to being sanctified by our Lord.

Refer to the MFH Symbol Guide (shown at left) as you navigate the site and read the comments.

We're made for heaven.

We were born into this world from flesh and blood, but we were first born from above. We were created in God's heart and in His plans before we were physically born. You see, we're not made for this world. Pain and suffering, frustrations, injustice, and so on are the result of sin and a fallen world. We live in a fallen, God forsaken world (Romans 8:20-21).Ponder point Be in the world, not of of the world - remember? We're aliens in a foreign country. This is not our home. We're made for heaven. So, when Jesus says the Kingdom of God is at hand, He means the Kingom of God is here - now. The Kingdom is in YOU and ME - the Body of Christ, and abundant life is for now. One day of course we will experience the the Kingdom in a new and perfected way. Let's stop laying foundations in this world and instead live in the truth that our real home is eternal.

What we experience isn't punishment or a cruel joke God is playing on us. Jesus took care of that for us on the cross- remember? The debts are paid. We don't have to make up for anything.Jesus' love We have other objectives brothers and sisters!

We're made to love. Love one another, deeply and from the heart Jesus said. If we loved one another like Jesus loved/loves us, maybe we would be living the abundant life Jesus talks about. Abundant in joy. Abundant in mercy. Abundant in peace. And guess what? This is evangelism at it's best. They will know us by our love. It starts in our own back yard.

May your heart receive more and more of God's amazing love, and may it overflow to one another and to a hurting and needy world.



The views expressed may not be yours, the insights may be difficult to accept at times, and attempts at humor may fail. There may be grammar errors, mis-spellings, bad links, no links, or nothing new to read. Think of it as a work in progress - kind of like us.