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Comments for Does God Have A Money Problem?

I just went through

I just went through your post relaly interresting and you are relaly going to the point here. I believe that one have no control on things going arround him and things that are pulling him but I am sure that one have control on one thing and this will help him in all the situations . From my point of view one can program his mind and can control himself if not the situation , in other word he can program himsef with taking situation as input parameter ) So I say that CONTROL will be controlling your mind and yourself and this is your responsability . Mind rules !
posted by at Tuesday, December-01-2015 18:44pm


So beautiful message are the gospel around the world to make disciples to Christ to born oh f the HOly Spirit for life in heave with pure and wonderful the lord with us and alot the friends to say welcome home in very soon in the future we will exprience with the power,thanks and bless,keijo sweden :clap:
posted by at Sunday, July-20-2014 07:08am

Insightful comments

I love that passage at the end of Matthew 6, and I like the idea of being kingdom focused, by believing God's love for us. Very powerful, concise, and it caused me to think a lot. Wouldn't life be easier if we knew all the answers? Ah, faith is what makes life exciting. Excellent post.
posted by brianwrites15 at Wednesday, March-06-2013 19:20pm

Does God Have A Money Problem

Great article because Christians today do not or want to know what the truth is in God's word concerning giving to others and tithing. The # 1 problem in many churches today is financial because even believers don't have enough trust and faith in God to give. I pray for your site and may God bless all our efforts in His name. Earl Moore
posted by emoore5009 at Tuesday, July-17-2012 08:50am


The blog is very attractive and with inspiring messages. I like it and will visit more often
posted by at Friday, April-08-2011 02:08am

I Agree

Good to see someone else using Matt 6:33 to make a point. Hard to live by, but we need to hear it. Thanks
posted by christian53 at Thursday, October-14-2010 09:29am

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