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How do you express the longing in your heart,
for one who doesn't feel the same.
Why you would gladly give your heart to one,
who can't give theirs away.

It's inexplicable, so inexplicable,
a heart that lives for another,
and one who can't return it.
It's inexplicable, so inexplicable,
love can't be explained.

How do you embrace the empty place in your heart,
the place that is made for romance?
How do you keep moving without denial?
How is it that what your heart is made for,
is the thing that is the most elusive?

It's inexplicable, so inexplicable
hearts are made for romance,
and romance is so elusive.
It's inexplicable, so inexplicable,
love can't be explained.

How can you make your heart agree with your head,
to understand the logic of unrequited love?
How can you satisfy the lonesome ache in your heart,
without resorting to self-destructive ways?
How can you live in hope for love returned in kind,
while another has your heart held captive?

It's inexplicable, so inexplicable,
hearts and minds that won't agree.
It's inexplicable, so inexplicable
love can't be explained.

How do you understand Love that is selfless and sacrificial,
Love that has no expectations?
How do you comprehend Love that is freely given?
How do you acquire Love that asks for nothing,
except that you believe?

It's inexplicable, so inexplicable,
Love that dies to love another,
and asks nothing in return.
It's inexplicable, so inexplicable,
Love can't be explained.


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