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The MFH Symbol Guide

Ponder point = Ponder/Wrestle/Seek.

Brain interference = Don't let your brain get in the way.

Open the eyes of your heart = See with your spiritual eyes.

Jesus' love = Jesus' love, compassion.

Jesus' shocking  truth = Shocking! Did God/Jesus or the author really mean/say that?

Be of good cheer = Be of good cheer. It's okay.

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Christian Blogs for Encouragement

Christian blogs to encourage believers toward a victorious Christian life with Jesus.

BiC's Christian Blog is an ongoing weblog of comments and insights on Christian living in a fallen world. My hope is that the blogs will be an encouragement and exhort us to live victorious lives as disciples of Jesus.

Please see the MFH symbol guide at the left for an explanation of symbols like , and used in the blog and also throughout the the MFH website.

The blog is a living document, meaning it's not like a book that has been written and re-written before going to press. Therefore, there may be times when original blog comments are revised or edited as the Spirit leads. So, don't be surprised if you discover that a comment you read a while back has been updated.

You may click on a blog topic in the scrolling window on the left or go to the MAIN BLOG PAGE.

Christian blogs to encourage Christians in their walk of faith with Jesus. BiC's Christian Living Blogs on living the victorious Christian life.


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